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Apex Legends new character is the daughter of a Titanfall 2 boss

Valkyrie is a young and trendy mech pilot, sort of

Respawn Entertainment have revealed that the next character jumping into the Apex Legends arena is Valkyrie. She's the daughter of Viper, a villainous Titan pilot you might recognise from Titanfall 2. In a new Stories From The Outlands video, we get a glimpse of Valkyrie as a kid, taking a joy ride in papa's big Northstar mech. Unfortunatley, it seems Apex still isn't getting proper mechs, but Valkyrie will be bringing a few parts of Northstar into the battle royale with her when the new season starts on May 4th.

The animation kicks off with Kairi "Valkyrie" Imahara recovering what's left of her dad's mech, and using it to get an audience with Kuben Blisk (another antagonist in Titanfall 2, and the guy that started the Apex Games). Valkyrie blames him for Viper's death and wants to get revenge, even though (spoilers!) it's you who murders him in Titanfall 2, but uh, maybe don't tell her that.

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Instead of murder she settles for an invite to become an Apex Legend, then heads off to Rampart's workshop to chop up her dad's mech - presumably to turn it into something she can take with her into the Apex Games. Judging from the art of her in the header of this post, that'll be a giant rocket-firing jetpack of sorts. She looks a bit like Pharah from Overwatch.

That's about all we know of Valk so far, though the Apex website alludes to a few changes we'll see in the arena next season. For starters, the Olympus map will be "infested" with "roots and natural growths" strangling the city. We'll also be able to get our hands on the Boeck Bow, which is, well, a big mechanical bow. It sounds like Season 9 could be going for a bit of a wilderness survival theme, I'm excited.

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