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Apex Legends new event gives you a rubbish shotgun then releases you into the wild

Mozambique here!

Apex Legends is celebrating its second anniversary this month, and on top of the new season launching last week, a special Collection Event arrives today too. Simply named the Anniversary Collection Event, it's bringing back a game mode which will have players jumping into Respawn's battle royale fully kitted out with some of the most rubbish and, well, meme-iest gear available. You get a Mozambique, and you get a Mozambique! Everyone gets a Mozambique!

The event starts today and runs until February 23rd, with the returning game mode, Locked And Loaded, replacing the normal battle royale mode for the duration. Rather than dropping into Apex's arena with nothing but the clothes on your back, you'll instead be kitted out with a white shield, helmet, backpack and knockdown shield, as well as Mozambique complete with a white shotgun bolt and HCOG classic scope. You'll also have one stack of shotty ammo, two shield cells and two syringes. You'll be able to find other loot when you drop, of course, but it's interesting to see how those early fights go when everyone has a gun - even if it is the worst one in the game.

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You might notice from the trailer that this event is giving each Legend a lovely red and gold skin. These are just recolours of existing skins, but they're pretty dang nice. You'll be able to snag them from Event Apex Packs, and you can earn a couple of these from levelling up your Reward Track. Like previous Collection Events, these level up when you earn points from completing challenges (e.g. "finish in the top 10 three times"), and there are some gun skins and charms to unlock too.

It's worth noting you can buy those packs as well, but they cost 700 Apex Coins, which is the game's premium currency (you'd have to spend at least £8/$10 to get that much).

On top of that, Apex has cute new seasonal badges to unlock, as well as a few changes to the store. Check out all the details on the website.

And in case you missed it, Apex Legends' seventh season launched last week, introducing explosive new character Fuse - who's arrival destroyed a good portion of the Kings Canyon Map to boot.

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