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Deserts & Dragons: Ark's Scorched Earth Expansion Out


How do you tell the difference between a Bactrian camel and a dromedary? The Bactrian has two humps, which look like a B, while the dro- yeah, they're different species. Different types of camel. No, they live in entirely different places too. They- no, I just thought you might like to know. I don't know, maybe it'd be a pub quiz question. I don't know, maybe you do pub quizzes. The- look, I don't even know why I brought it up, as the new Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] desert expansion doesn't even have camels. No, instead desertfolk ride a dinosaur called a Morellatops which - hey, its back does look a bit like a sat-on M! Remember that one for the pub quiz.

Ark may still be in early access, not even properly released yet, but apparently it's already time for an expansion. Ark: Scorched Earth takes the open-world survival shenanigans to a big new desert land with all manner of nasty biomes. This means little water, of course, along with oodles of new items, buildings, weapons (whips! boomerangs!), and so on to help you survive the heat. As if finding water and shelter weren't enough, hey, apparently the place is crawling with wyverns, manticores, and something called a 'Death Worm'. I do like Death Worms.

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Characters will be able to travel between the regular Ark island and the desert land, taking items and dinopals with them.

Launching an expansion for an early access game is a little cheeky but I suppose lead developers Studio Wildcard do have a load of other studios pitching in. They've been consistent with updates adding new features too. At least Scorched Earth itself isn't in early access.

Ark's main problem isn't really a lack of content, as it does most of those multiplayer sandbox things as much as it ever will, more that it still runs like a dog.

Ark: Scorched Earth is £14.99/$19.99 on Steam and yes, you do need the base game. That's on sale right now, down to £13.79/16,79€/$17.99.

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