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As Narbacular Drop Is to Portal

I was just about to do some proper work when I thought this: "Perhaps there's a room for a blog post looking at indie games that could potentially be the germ of a commercial idea; games that are as Narbacular Drop is to Portal." Hmm. That does sound better than doing any proper paid work, I must admit.

It'd have to be a game that is conceptually interesting and could, potentially, be imaginatively extrapolated into a commercial game along genre lines we already understand. Poking about reveals that there's plenty of potential. Perhaps Flipside seems to obvious, and far too many games have already done the polar-world thing. It could nevertheless inspire an FPS done in the style of old European stop-frame animations. Seiklus as an exploration-based 3D platformer? Hmm. World Of Goo? Might be good for an RTS/Godgame where the player constructs things out of primeval gloop...

Actually, there is one indie-to-commercial project I'd really like to see. A commercial game that takes the surrealist horror/FPS-puzzle-nonsense theme of Mondo Medicals and turns it into something a little more Killer 7. Portal meets Eraserhead, something like that. We might be in for a bit of a wait, I suppose. In the meantime you can play the grainy-celluloid brain-rattling sequel, Mondo Agency by the steadfast Cactus Software.

What Indie games would you like to see re-imagined as three-hour masterpieces, readers?

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