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Award-Winning Deck-Builder Ascension Ascends To VR

On the cards

You know how sometimes you just stare at an email and the individual words make sense but it won't quite come together as a whole? So, one of my preferred mobile deck-building games is getting a virtual reality adaptation: Ascension VR [official site].

I feel like that should somehow make sense to me, yet here I am, standing firm in the path of progress and saying "but... it's a 2D game and I play it in not VR?"

Let's take a closer look:

Cover image for YouTube video

The game itself looks interesting. You're sort of playing cards into the air in front of you in the middle of a forest clearing. If you fancy playing online rather than single player there's also an eye to social features with lip and animation sync as well as "spatialised chat" which I assume means you can get a feel for the location the voice is supposed to be coming from.

I feel like that side of things will potentially be the most rewarding. When I was playing with the Dota 2 VR spectator mode the best part of that was the little interactions with the other spectators - waving or doing a little dance just to share a moment of humour and warmth in the digital space.

Now I just need to try to bridge the gap between what I'm seeing in the trailer and the part of my brain that is screaming "DO NOT MAKE ME ADAPT TO SOMETHING NEW I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS". Maybe this is how people who play the physical version of Ascension created by StoneBlade Entertainment feel about the Playdek iOS adaptation.

Anyhoodle, Ascension VR is £6.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 over on Steam.

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