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Businesslike robo-brawler Assault Spy clocks out of early access today

Spying the way Ninja Gaiden teaches stealth

Assault Spy might look a little more buttoned-up than Devil May Cry with its cubicle farms and sharp business suits, but this combo-heavy brawler is ready to cut loose as it leaves early access today. Developed by tiny Japanese crew Wazen, it's a game about silly dialogue, anime corporate espionage gone wrong and a whole lot of kicking robots (some of which are adorable) in the face, or whatever face-equivalent they're equipped with. Check out the punchy (and kicky) launch trailer below featuring the game's catchy soundtrack.

While Assault Spy's environments are a dull-looking lot, it feels like an intentional stylistic choice. The bright splashes of colour on the two playable characters (Japanese corporate spy Asaru and American agent Amelia) and most enemies helps them stand out and keep fights readable. Handy, when you're trying to dodge every swing and keep your combo alive. From the bit I played a while ago, it's not especially hard to make progress, but getting a high ranking in each fight requires a lot more finesse - there's a high skill ceiling, prompting combo videos even in early access.

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I've not had a look at Assault Spy since its first days in early access, but it looks like the game has grown a lot since its debut back in May. Wazen have squashed bugs (including some amusing game-shattering exploits that speedrunners found), added a lot more content and a second playable character. While Asaru mostly whacks thing with his briefcase and umbrella, Amelia mixes punches, kicks and oversized red, white and blue guns - she is American, after all. Personally, I'm just happy to see a smaller team on a lower budget take on the genre, and seemingly pull it off.

Assault Spy is out now on Steam for £25/25/$30, with localisation and publishing handled by NIS America.

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