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The Right Stuff: Astronaut - The Best

Four days to run

Astronaut: The Best [official site] is a game about training a bunch of people who definitely do not seem to have "the right stuff", in preparation for a trip into space. There are four days left in its Kickstarter campaign and it's only half way to its $26,000 goal. There's still enough time to make up the difference, I reckon, even if the odds are against developers Universal Happymaker. Astronaut: The Best, you may remember, is one of the first titles to be backed by Fundbetter. That means Failbetter, the studio behind Sunless Sea, will match the $26k if the Kickstarter succeeds.

If the description "King of Dragon Pass meets Look Around You" isn't convincing enough, there is a demo available.

Cover image for YouTube videoAstronaut the Best!

Princess Maker is another of the games mentioned in the Kickstarter pitch and it seems like a good reference point. In Astronaut, you'll be managing your recruits' time, trying to ensure they're perfecting all of the important skills and taking occasional shortcuts using experimental science or black magic.

It all looks a bit bonkers and you can get a better idea of how it plays by watching the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoAstronaut the Best!

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