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At Last! A Game For Wolves: The Howler

Wolves are an under-served section of the gaming community. Why not make your game wolf-compatible, devs? You don't even need to worry about keyboard and mouse controls, or even joypads. As adventurey platformer game The Howler shows, you can make a game about the complexities of sailing a dirigible around a city, and all you need to control it is your voicebox. Now the more astute of you will have noticed I've not made this post wolf compatible, but if you'll lean in and sniff your monitor you'll notice it's releasing pheromones. Just take a long whiff of your monitor. I promise I'm not lying.

So a full-throated yell into your microphone will cause the balloon to rise, while a more modulated approach will allow you to control a descent. I'm not quite sure how left and right are handled. Maybe it's automatic? There are also more traditional controls, but why would you use those when you could be making a sound like a dead wolf haunting a baby?

It seems like quite the trip. The 16 missions are build from real-world scribbles of an early 20th century rendition of Vilnius. You guide balloons and planes, solving puzzles with the power of your inner "aaoaooowww!".

It's not out yet, but it does have an ever-so fashionable Greenlight page for you to fawn over.


Though don't play it around baby wolves if you value your high score.

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