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At long last, Persona soundtracks are on Spotify

For real?!

As I write this, I'm listening to "Life Will Change" from the official Persona 5 soundtrack on Spotify. I can't quite believe it, is this real? Yes, it has to be, as this sizzling groove is now saved to my "Liked Songs". I can see it there, with my own eyes! And many more are due to follow, as a whole host of other Persona OSTs have made their way onto Spotify too. Perhaps dreams really do come true.

On January 5th, the Atlus Sound Team and Spotify delivered a jazzy New Year's care package. They've gifted us the Persona 5 OST, Persona 4 & Golden OST, Persona 3 FES OST, Persona 2 Sound Collections, and seven other albums from Persona spin-offs, including the Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST.

It's a bit tricky to find them initially, as searching for something like the "Persona 4 Soundtrack" will only inundate you with covers. Instead, go to the Atlus Sound Team's page for all the OSTs (don't miss those listed under "Appears On" at the bottom). If you want a playlist filled with all the OSTs mixed together, AniPlaylist put together one which does the job nicely.

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Admittedly, Persona 4 is still on my to-do list, but judging by my frankly frightening feelings for Persona 5 and its sublime soundtrack, it's likely I'll enjoy it. Maybe I'll give the OST a listen when I pop to the shops next, but there's always a risk I'll start clicking my fingers and striding across the pavement like I'm in some Bruno Mars music video.

If you're interested in giving Persona a shot on PC, you can find Persona 4 Golden on Steam, and that's it unfortunately. To play the rest, you'll need a PSP and a PS4 which isn't ideal, but I'd like to think you can find some cheap second-hand deals if you're desperate to get stuck in. Manage to get a console? Then I'd recommend getting on Persona 5, as its hack-and-slash follow-up, Persona 5 Strikers, is due to arrive on PC in February.

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