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Atlas-t, A Video: Mechwarrior Online

Now that I've shoe-horned it into the headline, it'd be doubly embarassing if my mechognition skills were a bit off. I think you'll find that the handsome chap below is an Atlas though, performing a hot drop in the first Mechwarrior Online video. It doesn't actually show the game being played, that would be far too useful, so instead of discussing the finer points of the interface and damage modelling, we'll have to spend our time dissecting the canonical correctitude of what we're being shown. Ready?

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Let's take this drop pod situation first of all. This looks like a freefall plummet. What do we have to say about that? I say it's a boost-assisted stealth drop of sorts, so turn down the bloody music, or at least have the mech click its fingers in time and attempt mid-air tapping of the foot.

And what about that cockpit, eh? A windowed cockpit? Is that normal in an Atlas? The internet informs me that it both is and it isn't, and my knowledge of the lore is weak. Some people seem very irate about it though, but then some people are probably irate that there aren't enough rivets. Internet anger is relative - specifically, it's Steaming Mad Uncle Bonkers, who flies into a rage whenever he breathes through his nose or mouth.

The systems voice sounds about right, although I've already heard the angry hum of a squadron of Battletech scholars who are displeased by some of the wording in that startup sequence.

Maybe it's a variant, this Atlas? Perhaps someone can fully identify it and until we do have some in-game footage, that is the only thing to be done.

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