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Attempt a 20 player alien Olympics in Drink More Glurp, out today

A game about aliens who simply do not understand the Olympics

Drink More Glurp is a game about aliens who simply do not understand the Olympics. They think that it's all about paid sponsorships, and as a result, their sponsors have weirded-up all the events, making it so these poor aliens have to deal with increasingly bizarre competitions. Now, when I say aliens I mean you, because they're who you play as in this quirky party game. It's no small fry sports competition either, 'cos you can play it locally with up to 20 people. 20!

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Created by Catastrophic_Overload and published by Yogscast, Drink More Glurp has you take part in all sorts of weird and wonderful Olympic-style events - like racing with Turbo Gloves on, and obstacle courses where gravity is a lot weaker than perhaps it should be.

If you don't have 20 pals to hand for the local Party Mode, there's a singleplayer Challenge mode, too, where you can attempt to secure yourself as a top Glurper on the game's global leaderboard.

We couldn't have a real Olympics this year, so this looks like the next best thing to me.

A bunch of RPS folks really enjoyed Drink More Glurp when they played it at EGX Rezzed in 2019. They all seemed to go a bit mad, then used it as the final event for the Official RPS Olympics, in which a complete and total stranger became the second-best RPS staffer at video games. Ah, I miss EGX.

If you find all this has you longing for the taste of Glurp, the game is available right now on Steam with a little 10% discount if you buy it before August 13th.

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