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Attention Ms. Singer, Or Should I Call You... McLain

It has become my sole mission to get Valve's super voice-over champion, professional soprano Ellen McLain, to have her name spelt correctly anywhere on the internet.

The wonderful McLain voices Half-Life 2 and Episode 1's Overwatch, the omnipresent stern British announcer lady in Team Fortress 2, and is the voice of GLaDOS (and the gorgeous turrets) in Portal. And the singer of That Song! She's the greatest hero of our time.

Yet despite this, everywhere calls her "Ellen McLane".

Well, I've had my first victory. The Internet Movie Database, since my fervent protests (and massive confusion with their forms), has now changed her name from Ellen McLane, to the correct Ellen McLain.

But there is much work to be done. Not least of all by MobyGames. Having gone through the same bizarre hoops to file a correction with them, I received the following in an email this morning:

"are you sure that's the same person? an opera singer doesn't seem like she would be doing voice overs"


Does being an opera singer preclude one from speaking? Are you rendered only able to sing in voluminous warbles? And how exactly does her being an opera singer make her less likely to be doing voice-over work than someone who doesn't exist? (Nevermind that her name is in the credits for the games, spelt correctly).

The battle continues.

There are others, too. And it's everyone's responsibility to find them and fix them. I've corrected at least one in Wikipedia. HL Fallout, could you fix yours too?

Edit: Thanks HL Fallout! Another victory!

Together, we can save the world.

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