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The Falling Man: Physics Puzzler Attractio Released

A deadly game show!

Attractio [official site] has a simple but star-studded premise: in the grim dark future, Keira Knightley, M.I.A., and a Dalek are contestants on a deadly game show [er, that's just people named Keir, Mia, and, wait, Dalek? -ed.]. If they want to live, they'll need to solve physics-based platform-y puzzles by fiddling with gravity. Like The Running Man, but more falling. John played a demo way back in 2013, but now the full game is finally here, launched for your puzzling pleasure. I hope M.I.A. wins.

Attractio's puzzles all revolve around gravity and, from the looks of things, cubes. Players romp around changing the direction of gravity, and each contestant has an extra power. M.I.A. has gravity boots to change her own gravity (she always does turn the world upside-down and give it a damn good shaking, that one), while Keira Knightley has a special gun to change the gravity direction of specific objects (people fall over themselves to help such a famous star, I'm sure!), and the dastardly Dalek has both because they're big rotters.

Following a year and a half in early access, Attractio is now properly out. It's on Steam for £14.99 right now. John might revisit it and tell us what he thinks now. Until then, here's... an old-ish trailer?

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