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Avaricious Artillery: Catapult For Hire

Are artillery games much-maligned? I feel like they are but that may just be because Angry Birds has become a weird cultural phenomenon, with plush toys sold in Next and all sorts of other madness. I almost accidentally won an Angry Bird toy at a fair. All of that means it's definitely popular enough that it must be sneered at. The sheer number of artillery games out there does make it hard to see what makes each one different, but Catapult For Hire doesn't have that problem. It's in 3d, with lovely art design, has a full campaign mode, side missions, fishing, loads of ammo types and objects that break apart in fancy physics-based ways, based on impact and projectile type. There's a trailer below and more videos and information at the site.

I'm quite charmed, I must admit. Being a catapult for hire, the player will travel the land, working for different clients and taking on all sorts of jobs, so while you will be knocking castles apart, you'll also be chucking boulders at giant monsters and hunting for treasure. You heard me - hunting for treasure, with a catapult. Now that, my friends, is versatility.

Due to be published by IndiePub and in development by Tyrone Henrie, Catapult For Hire doesn't have a release date yet. But it does have "a sophisticated fishing system" and that's important too.

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