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Out Of Exile: Avernum 2 Crystal Souls Out January

Isometric RPG heaven

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderweb is at it again. We missed the original announcement of Avernum 2, which is the sequel to the remake of the expanded remake of 1995's Exile: Escape From the Pit. I played the original back when I was a rebellious young isometric RPG lovin' teen and John had a jolly good time with the first part of this rebuilt series back in 2012. Plot-wise, we're in Empire Strikes Back territory:

Now the Empire will have revenge. They have invaded Avernum, taking cave after cave, destroying your people. Your land needs a hero, and it needs it now. If you can’t find a way to stop them, and soon, you are all doomed.


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There are some big numbers in the feature list. Numbers like FORTY, which refers to the number of hours of playtime. MORE THAN FORTY in fact, so let's go with FORTY FOUR. Then there's SIXTY. Any guesses? It's not the number of swords, no, it's the number of "spells and battle disciplines". There are over ONE HUNDRED towns and dungeons, as well as HUNDREDS of magical artifacts and DOZENS of side quests.

I've been a fan of Spiderweb for as long as I've been playing the games and even though I've lapsed in recent years, I always make a plan to carve out some time for each new release. Forty four hours isn't an impossible commitment so maybe this will be the one that sucks me back in. It's due for Mac and Windows in January. It will be available to buy direct from Spiderweb or through Steam.

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