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Baldur's Gate 3 has unleashed the Druid class into the wild

Circle of the Moon or bust, folks

Baldur's Gate 3 has spun up a big new update and, gross, why are there so many spiderwebs on it? Oh, that's the Druid's spider Wild Form that Larian have added. The Nature's Power update brings eight animal forms, lots of new skills for these Druids, and some new quality of life changes. The update is out now, so you can go and turn yourself into a badger or a bear or whatever you fancy.

As a refresher, here are your Druid basics. "Druid characters will be able to use the Wild Shape ability to transform into a variety of different animals, each of which has their own unique abilities," Larian say. "Dire Wolf, Deep Rothe, Aberrant Shape, and Polar Bear forms offer new heavy attack options in combat, while Cat, Raven, Spider, and Badger provide additional strategic and defensive maneuvers – through stealth, flight, web-spinning, and burrowing, respectively."

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Druids have several spells beyond just animal transformations though. Two different vine spells can either entangle enemies or lasso them closer while cutting them with thorns. They have multiple different fire spells as well. There's also the Moonbeam skill which is a pillar of light that somehow damages enemies. Druids can also choose between two subclasses, the Circle of the Land or Circle of the Moon. Land grants additional spells based on your chosen biome while Moon grants access to the polar bear Wild Form.

As Larian explained last week, Nature's Power comes with some other game improvements and balance changes. The option for "loaded dice" can be enabled if you're particularly prone to unlikely streaks of fantastic or horrific dice rolls and would like a smoother experience. In a different realm, encounters when using "speak with dead" have been shored up with lots of extra dialogue and their own cinematics too.

On the tech side, Larian say that BG3's patch download and install sizes will be smaller in the future, even if the updates themselves aren't.

You can catch the full list of updates and bug fixes in Baldur's Gate 3's Patch 4 notes. Don't miss scrolling all the way down for the badger on a bench.

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