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Ballistix get TUF with new RAM for Asus motherboards

TUF mother

Some motherboards go in all for LEDS; others, like Asus' TUF motherboards, opt for a more rugged, industrial kind of look – which can make buying RAM for the latter a bit of a nightmare if you can't stand the idea of blinking rainbows or, heaven forbid, even the smallest dash of colour interfering with your PC's serious military vibe. Well, today I bring good news, TUF owners, as Asus have struck an armour-plated accord with Ballistix (who are part of storage and RAM giant Crucial) to create special TUF-themed RAM modules that will slot straight into your PC like a squad of camouflaged marines. I give you the Ballistix Sport AT.

Available in densities up to 16GB and speeds of up to 3000 MT/s (mega transfers per second), Ballistix say their new Sport AT RAM is guaranteed to work with all Asus TUF Gaming motherboards (as you'd expect). Sport AT modules also have a new heat spreader designed to complement the hardened, brutalist look of your respective TUF motherboard, as well as additional bits and pieces from other members of the so-called (and definitely not Metal Gear Solid boss group) TUF Gaming Alliance, including Cooler Master and InWin.

They'll also support XMP 2.0 profiles to make them easier to install, and come with a limited lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with ASUS, a best-in-class brand, to develop products for the TUF Gaming Alliance," said Jim Jardine, director of Ballistix Product Marketing. "The TUF Gaming Alliance offers enthusiasts a blend of compatibility, durability, and aesthetics – the same qualities Ballistix has been known for since it launched more than a decade ago."

Ballistix's new Sport AT RAM sticks aren't particularly cheap, all told, with single 8GB 2666MHz sticks starting at £85 in the UK, and dual 8GB 2666MHz kits going for a whopping $186 in the US. However, RAM prices are still quite high at the moment, so it may be wise to wait a while before, say, you start consulting our How to Build a PC guide in order to install your RAM.

Of course, until I get some Sport AT sticks in for review, it's hard to say whether they really offer any noticeable boost in performance over any other RAM kit, Ballistix-branded or otherwise. RPS contributor Ed Chester quite liked Ballistix's regular Sport RAM modules when he tested them for our Best DDR4 RAM round-up, but neither the Sport LT 2400 or Sport LT 2666 made it into his top three due to them either being more expensive than (or the same price as) other, faster RAM kits. Will the Sport AT's share the same fate? Watch this space.

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