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3D-print your own RGB light bar with Ballistix's new DDR4 RAM

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Just when you thought the pinnacle of the best DDR4 RAM madness was chucking a load of LED lights into the mix, Crucial, or rather their gaming-orientated Ballistix division, have gone one step further. Say hello to the 3D-printable Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 gaming RAM. That's right. You can 3D-print your own light bar onto each 8GB or 16GB module - and you can do it right now.

Available now with speeds up to 3000 MT/s (mega transfers per second - or 3000 million transfers/second, to put a number on each 'mega'), the Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB RAM comes in kit densities up to 64GB and each stick has its own limited lifetime warranty (unless you're in Germany, in which case you only get a 10-year warranty from date of purchase).

You don't have to 3D-print your own light bar, of course - regular Ballistix-branded RGB bars are also available - but if you're into case modding or just fancy the idea of having Horace riding atop your RAM while flashing fluorescent yellow, well now you can. Just follow the instructions on Ballistix's website.

There are 16 RGB LEDs in total on each Ballistix Tactical Tracer module, divided into eight zones. You'll need to use Ballistix's MOD Utility software to control your RGB LEDs and adjust their brightness, but Ballistix say you can also use your motherboard's software (such as Asus' Aura tech, MSI's Mystic Light, Gigabyte's Aorus Graphics Engine and others) to sync your Tactical Tracer RGB light scheme with other components in your PC.

You also get all your other favourite Ballistix RAM features, including XMP profiles, black process control blocks (PCB) and custom heat spreaders. They cost a fair penny, though, as a single 8GB stick will set you back £94 at time of writing (single sticks don't seem to be available in the US right now), while a 16GB kit consisting of two 8GB sticks costs £188 / $220.

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