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Here's 28 great old Flash games that just got re-released as a collection

A whole handful of old puzzles

Flash is dead but good chunks of former Flash games have survived the end thanks to preservation projects like the Internet Archive or Flashpoint. Here's a whole 28 more games you may remember that have been re-released by their creator. The likes of Sugar Sugar, Factory Balls, Me And The Key and a lot more have been shined up and re-released today as The Bart Bonte Collection.

The Bart Bonte Collection has a good chunk of old Flash brain ticklers you may have played way back in the day. Sugar Sugar up there (technically styled "Sugar, Sugar") is a physics-y puzzler about drawing lines to funnel a bunch of falling sugar into different cups. Other folks might remember the logic puzzler series Factory Balls. You can catch a look at several other Bonte specials in the trailer for the collection right here. It's some good old stuff from yonder internet days.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Bart Bonte collection is out on Steam!

Are there any old Sugar Sugar fans around dying for a bit of grain sorting? I admit I wasn't familiar with Bonte's games back in the day but I did spend several minutes just now playing the free HTML5 version of Sugar Sugar. Takes me back to the old CRT screen, that does. It's a nice reminder that although tech ages, good puzzles mostly don't.

As part of the re-release, Bonte says that the games in the collection have been remastered, which appears to mostly mean they have enough pixels to look nice on your big, modern display. They also now have a handy selection screen and a bunch of achievements to earn.

It is a bit funny that achievements are a modern concept compared to ancient Flash games. Now that I think on it, a popup congratulating me for doing something sure feels like the energy of the old internet, not the current one.

You can find The Bart Bonte Collection over on Steam and Itch where it's discounted by 30% for £5.03/€5.73/$6.99 until May 10.

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