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Batman: Arkham Allegations

We may be in for a third Batscapade from the Arkhamverse, according to Warner suits in the company's latest earnings call, and it'll probably be this year too.

There's almost nothing to go on, other than Warner's Chief Financial Officer John K. Martin letting slip that "and we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise." This means it's up to us to let slip the dogs of speculation.

Batman: Arkham Nation

Like Batman: Arkham City, but there's countryside and gas stations and things, and if you try to go to the sea you get tasered by dolphins in Joker costumes.

Batman: Arkham World

Choose to play as British Batman, Belgian Batman, Bangladeshi Batman, Bahrain Batman, Bahamas Batman or the GameStop-exclusive Bermudan Batman, with limited edition DLC shorts.

Batman: Arkham Village

What is the terrible secret behind the greengrocer's overpriced lemons? Why does the postman always look a bit sweaty after visiting Mrs Dobbins' house? Can Batman possibly climb all 48 steps to the top of the church spire?

Batman: Arkham Homeopathy Clinic

Collecting all 30,000 hidden vials of plain water with made-up names unlocks the exclusive Alternative Bat-Therapy Costume and the 'Credulous Idiot' achievement.

Batman: Alan Arkin

Enduring rumour actually has it that the next Batman title will be a Silver Age-set game, which is a lovely idea, though I can't help but feel that might be at odds with the Arkham universe/branding - not sure they'd want to drop the grim'n'gritty modern-day stuff, given the Nolan movies are Joe Public's major concept of Batman these days.

Also VG247 says Rocksteady may not be developing this one. I'm OK with that actually - I'd really like to see what they do with something else now.

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