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Batman: Arkham Oranges Features Punching, Glowering

Batlike Man, Batlike Man, does slightly similar things to what a bat can. Hits a guy, in the face, catches thieves just like slightly less proficient fighters. Look out! Here comes another origin story for the Batlike Man!

With Rocksteady off making presumably a full-blown necks jenny rayshun Batman game, Arkham Oranges seems to be a sort of fill-in, in the way Assassin's Creedses have long been doing it. That might be a good thing though - the Arkham games were pretty great for the most part, and if this one can expand upon Arkham City's openness while hopefully toning down the thoughtless dialogue and ideally ditching the magicky sub-plots, I'll be happy to jump another e-train to Gotham. Here's trad. E3 trailer, followed by one of the devs from Warner Bros. Montreal showing more in-game stuffs to the very excitable people at GameTrailers.

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Fairly similar then, but a little expanded. Random crimes in progress sounds like a good thing, as long as it doesn't get too repetitive - 'oh another guy shaking his fist at someone for 40 seconds'. I'd like each one to feel a least a little worthwhile, and like Batman's actually doing his dayjob rather than just distracting himself between super-villain punch-ups.

I must say that bringing Joker back in the very next game, even if the clock is rewound, somewhat undermines the conclusion of Arkham City. They should have done a Bowie/Next Day sort of thing with him, rather than risk running him into the ground.

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