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Battle royale Super People lays out early access plans

After its hugely popular closed beta test

I stumbled across Super People for the first time late last year, when it had 50,000 concurrent players on Steam yet no way to buy it. There's still no way to buy it, but the battle royale's closed beta tests have drawn to a close and its developers have laid out plans for an early access release due later this year.

Battle royales have obviously been falling from the sky by the dozen over the past few years, like players from a plane, and on the face of it Super People doesn't offer anything radically different. Its one twist is that it has classes - if you can call that a twist, given Apex Legends and several other popular battle royales have classes, too.

In terms of how it plays, Super People has a tactical pace closer to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but combat tends to be more varied when you come face to face with opponents. PUBG is the battle royale I like most, so that sounds pretty good to me. I'm less certain about the F2P model, where your class is randomly assigned unless you spend in-game currency to select it yourself.

After shutting the long closed beta test period on February 27th, with 4.3 million players apparently having tried the game, developers Wonder People laid out the changes they intended to make before launching in early access. "These improvements include: strengthening security and game optimization as well as quality of life improvements for the game," says a press release from the developers. "An improved tutorial, player assist feature, a new material spawn method and the addition of an Oceania server are on the way. Player feedback has also been invaluable in helping the team to decide what new content should be added. Players can expect to soon see an in-game shooting range, a new class, new costumes and a replay feature."

The developers also discuss dealing with cheaters in a new video, which you can watch below:

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"I wanted to stop cheating a lot better than what we did this time [in the closed beta test]," says the game's global lead. "I felt that we could have done a better job, in all our security system. So, that was a bad one, but we learnt our lesson, we have our data, and at the early access we'll do better."

There's no announced release data for the early access yet, but it'll come via Steam.

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