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Dontnod Eleven's Battlecrew Space Pirates blasts into early access

Pew pew!

Even though they started with kicking faces and are moving onto sucking necks, I'll always associate the name Dontnod with the time-travelling teen drama of Life Is Strange. So yup, I'm still double-taking seeing the name Dontnod as Battlecrew Space Pirates [official site] enters early access. This multiplayer side-on shooter is made by Dontnod Eleven, mind, the studio known as Hesaw before it buddied up with Dontnod Entertainment. You don't take time out from shooting folks with your spacepirate pals to sit on a spaceswing and quietly enjoy some spacemusic, or shout at Spacewarren to go away. I don't think so, at least.

Battlecrew Space Pirates sees, y'know, space pirates scrapping for treasure and glory. You shoot people! Its four characters classes have different weapons along with various abilities like dashes, wallclimbing, shields, building walls, speed boosts, and a whole lot of explosions. The initial early access launch has two modes, plain ol' team deathmatch and a booty-grabbing mode, though more are to come.

The game is £4.89/6,99€/$6.99 on Steam, which includes a launch discount. Dontnod Eleven hope to launch out of early access after two-to-six months, adding new content and tweaking it following feedback along the way.

Any of y'all side-scrolling multishoot peeps into this? It's not really my field of expertise. I know Kirk McKeand dug Cobalt? I know dear old Soldat still has an active community? You tell me.


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