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New VR Battlezone blasts into PC cybergoggles

No, not the FPS-RTS. No, not Atari's one

Last time someone 'rebooted' Battlezone [read: applied a known brand name to a largely-unrelated game -ed.], we got a splendid FPS-RTS. This time, new owners Rebellion are rebooting closer to the series' origins with arcade-y tankblasting in the game they call simply Battlezone [official site]. After jacking into PlayStation VR last year, Battlezone today arrived on PC exclusively for cybergoggles.

In more-important Rebellion news: did you see that they have got a live-action Judge Dredd TV show in the pipeline? Mate!

Battlezone is a first-person tanker, battling for control of procedurally-generated battlefields in singleplayer and co-op. You have a tank, and so do your enemies. Get shooting.

One of our new stepsiblings at Eurogamer wrote a Wot I Think of Battlezone on PSVR, though in their quaint family dialect they call it a "review". We're still a new family so, in the interests of a friendly start, let's try not get to hung up on their twee affectations. Christian Donlan said:

"Is it basic? Absolutely. But it's also colourful and heartfelt and, despite its fast pace, it didn't make me remotely sick. There are showier VR games out there, for sure, but this is a nice thing to return to once you've had your fill of gimmicks."

The game looks a little something like this:

Watch on YouTube

A launch discount brings Battlezone to £25.49/31,44€/$33.99 on Steam. It's made for Rift, Vive, and OSVR goggs.

Yup, this is now three different games from three different publishers all sharing the name 'Battlezone'. Rebellion did recently revamp and re-release Activision's fine Battlezone FPS-RTS from the '90s, so that's nice.

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