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Be a dog chasing birds in Chasing Birds

A walk in the park

Every now and then, I just want to take some time out of my day and pretend to be a dog chasing some birds around a park. Luckily, someone's made a game that lets me do exactly that. Chasing Birds is a simple little thing, which recognises that you only need a few ingredients to properly simulate the experience: a dog, a generous helping of birds, and - if you're feeling adventurous - some water to splash around in. Oh, and a bark button. Every dog-based game needs a bark button.

The game was made by David Czar, and you can grab it for yourself here.

There are no counters or objectives to pursue, as I saw someone calling for in the comments. Heck, you can ignore the birds entirely and just run back and forth in the pond if you want to. Go on, nobody's going to judge you - except maybe whoever that guy was who I saw asking for a 'birds in flight' score tracker.

I did encounter a bug that made every bird I disturbed (distbird?) fly back and forth in a horizontal line across the park, though a quick restart fixed that. After I'd had my fill of bird chasing and closed the game, I found out there was a little red ball tucked away in the bottom right corner that you can play with, so naturally I booted it straight back up again.


Chasing Birds was made as part of the Self-Care Jam 2, which wrapped up earlier this week. You can find the rest of the submissions over on the jam's page.

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