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Be a VR giant and swat at PC players like pests in Davigo

An asymmetric multiplayer game currently in alpha

Davigo begs the question: why didn't this exist already? It's an asymmetric multiplayer game in which one player in a VR headset attempts to swipe and slam up to four tiny, nimble players on desktop computers, who each wield rocket launchers. It plays with scale in ways that look like glorious fun.

Watch the opening shot of this trailer and tell me you're not instantly sold on the idea:

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Davigo isn't the first game to pit PC and VR players against each other in this way. Panoptic and Mass Exodus Redux both do it, and Alice O fell in love with Dustnet's cybergods last year.

All of those games are some manner of moody, though. Davigo looks like instinctive, silly fun. The little PC players that are running around are attempting to take down the giant VR player with rockets, but they can also cling on to their own rockets and hurl themselves around the environment. If they hit the VR player with a rocket, part of their face breaks off. And the VR player, for their part, is pounding on the ground, tearing out trees to throw, and trying to swat the PC players out of the air like flies.

Pitting a single VR player against multiple PC players also solves the common problem that there aren't that many people playing VR multiplayer games, so it's often hard to get an online game going with enough people.

Davigo is "coming soon" to early access on Steam, but you can get onboard with the alpha right away if you back the game on Patreon. If you make a lifetime donation of $25 (eg. back it at the $5 tier for five months), you'll also get a copy of the finished game when it's ready. Check out the game's official site for more details and links to its Discord community where you can arrange matches.

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