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Bear With Me Investigates Plush Noir In August

Fluff and tough

I'm not usually one for riffs on the "hard-bitten detective noirish point and click" genre because it's so rare for people to do truly interesting things with it but Bear With Me [official site] seems to offer up some nice twists on the idea in its trailer - I mean, first up the hard-bitten detective is actually a teddy bear.

There are also hints at around the 20 second mark that some of the game involves make believe. It might just be a line of jokey dialogue but I'm kind of hoping there's a certain amount of blurring the lines between a little girl's play world and the actual human plot of the missing brother.

The game's first episode isn't out until 8 August and I haven't played a preview build or anything so I have no idea how any of this will shake out in practice but it intrigued me enough that it's now on my Steam wishlist to check out when it arrives.

Sidenote: I was wondering what kind of a child names their teddy "Ted E Bear" but then I remembered that I have a teddy called "Teddy", a monkey called "Monkey" and a duck called "The Mayor Of The Bookcase".

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Bear With Me

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

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