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Beautiful Adventure Game The Little Acre Due In Nov

This is a little wiseacre

Looking at The Little Acre [official site], I feel like I'm reliving the days of my youth when I would go to Blockbuster and pick out one of Don Bluth's latest animated opuses, like Thumbelina. It is a masterpiece. We don't have long to wait to see all of The Little Acre, as publishers Curve have announced they'll release Pewter Games' impossibly charming little adventure game is set to release on November 22nd. Check out this trailer:

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The tale is set in 1950s Ireland and involves a father and daughter being transported into a strange land. The plot doesn't sound super special, but that's fine because the main draw for The Little Acre is its aesthetic. From the trailers you can see the animated cel look that shows we're finally at the point where in-game graphics can match the stunning animation of classic pre-rendered adventure games like Dragon's Lair. It really looks like you're playing a cartoon, and I can definitely get behind that. Also, there's a dog.

The Little Acre is another product of the huge revitalization of the once dormant point-and-click adventure genre. I personally am thrilled about this because sitting down with my significant other and playing adventure games together is a relaxing and tremendously fun pastime.

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