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Beautiful indie JRPG Edge Of Eternity left early access today

It was crowdfunded in 2015

I've only dabbled in a couple of Final Fantasies, and I often forget which game is which in the sprawling JRPG series. If you showed me a screenshot of Edge Of Eternity, and said it was Final Fantasy 12, I'd probably believe you.

It's not, though. It's a turn-based JRPG that just finished two years in Steam Early Access to launch in full today.

Cover image for YouTube videoEdge of Eternity - PC Launch Trailer

Edge Of Eternity was originally Kickstarted way back in 2015, with a team of four people leading its development. It then launched in early access in 2018, unpolished but with modding support and a ten-hour runtime. Now it's development has grown to 14 and its runtime has grown to a claimed 50+ hours.

Midgar Studio seemingly aren't done with the game yet, however. They mention in their Edge Of Eternity launch post that they'll announce their development roadmap "for the next months" tomorrow.

I'm not a huge JRPG person, but EoE does look to have some extremely pretty landscapes. Racing around those alien forests on the back of a big cat is appealing, even if I don't have much patience for the anime melodrama in the trailer above. It also looks as if modding for the game never took off, and the few mods that do exist inevitably work to introduce Final Fantasy characters and weapons to the game.

The game's price increased back in April, but at its current 20% launch discount Edge Of Eternity will cost you £20.22/€25.49 via Steam and GOG.

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