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Because Why Not: Here's A Fishing Rhythm Game

Proving that it's possible to make a game jam about anything, the Fishing Game Jam is a thing that happened recently. While triple-A developers have spent decades toiling to put guns in the most ill-fitting settings imaginable, indie developers did the same with fishing rods in just one week. Naturally, then, that briny lagoon of creativity spawned a rhythm game about fishing. Of course it did. Fishjn is a rather simple thing, but its slick soundtrack and '80s techno vibe are great, and sticking to various funky fishgrooves feels nicely satisfying. You'll find it hereabouts.

The game hails from developer KO-OP Mode, who's also working on intriguing curiosities like Red Rover and Skipping Stones. No, I'm not entirely sure why there's a J in the name instead of an I. Maybe it's supposed to be a hook? If so, I think that's acceptable. Better than Fi5h1n, featuring a soundtrack by Ke$ha.

Given that Fishjn's a jam game, there's an understandable dearth of content. I'd give my left eye for some additional tunes and then claim it was taken by an especially musical whale, but it's not like this concept is begging for a story mode, RPG elements, and deathmatch multiplayer. It's quick, silly, and worth ten or so minutes of your time.

The game's full soundtrack is available on Soundcloud, for those who'd like to remember their time as both lord of the seas and the dance. Not much to say beyond that. Fishing! Music! Finally, gaming's true purpose has been realized.

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