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Beckham: Total War

Well, if only. Legions of squeaky-voiced footballers showing their crass tattoos to each other and trying to force their (allegedly) botoxed faces into threatening scowls... Someone mod that for me. Please. What is happening is that the Creative Assembly, best known for making splendid strategy games with colons in the title, are trying their hand at making a sports game. Back of the net...

Or rather returning to making sports games, as some of their earliest work was porting EA sports titles to the PC. It's worth observing it's their Australian studio handling it rather than the main UK unit. That arm of the company has the awful misfire Stormrise to its name (whose creative lead has since, ah, parted ways with CA), as a well as a divisive DS port of the old Sonic games, so it's perhaps too soon to start hoping CA will revolutionise sports games in the way they did RTS, with Shogun: Total War wayback when.

Hopefully it's a big and serious project, however, with the full weight of CA's experience brought to bear. If you consider yourself to be a lead gameplay programmer and live/fancy living in Australia, you could even apply to work on it.

I close, of course, with a suggestion that you all speculate wildly as to what this 'next-gen sports title' might be. Do bear in mind CA are owned by Sega, though.

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