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Become god of a toy town in this cute upcoming sandbox game

Come watch Wood & Weather's lovely trailer

A toy town full of playpeople in Wood & Weather's announcement trailer.
Image credit: Paper House

Childhood delusions of godhood will come to life with Wood & Weather, an upcoming sandbox god game about manipulating weather as you oversee a small wooden toy town occupied by Notplaymobil figures. Someone wants coffee? Fetch them a coffee. Oh it's too hot for coffee? Turn on the rain. Oh, and after all you do, they throw the empty cup on the floor? Great, thanks, lovely, pick it up and bin it for them. Check out the cute trailer below!

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That's lovely, that. The toy look is very cute. I like your disembodied god hand (please don't confuse it with your God Hand, not in this fragile little town) interacting with the world, and its little animations, and especially when it walks amongst the people on two fingertips.

In this sandbox world, we'll find out what happens to the town and its residents as we change the weather, and do tasks for people, and mess with people, and find and collect things, and play about. A toybox sandbox god game.

It's made by Paper House, the Australian studio behind 2018's Paperbark. That's a pretty little playable picturebook about a wombat exploring the Australian bush after a fire. Wood & Weather's music is by Dan Golding, who's previously tunified Untitled Goose Game and the wonderful Frog Detective games.

Wood & Weather is coming to Steam for Windows and Mac in "2050 (or sooner than you think)". An exciting year for predictions of escalating apocalyptic conditions amidst missed environmental targets, is 2050. The game doesn't support mice, mind, so you will need a controller. Still, you have 27 years to buy one if you're still holding out (I'd assume it'll be out this year or next?)

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