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Bee Hunting Simulator teaches how to track wild hives

The bees knees

Bee Hunting Simulator 2016 [itch.io link] is a simple browser game where you're doing some map-based hide and seek to give a basic idea of tracking down wild beehives.

The game takes as its basic ruleset that bees travel in near straight lines from flower to hive and that their speed is about 15mph. What you do is you mark a location on the map and then set out a box with honeycomb in which attracts bees and allows you to mark them with a blob of paint (as expressed in text at the bottom of the screen). Placing this box then lets you see the direction these marked bees head towards when they leave and where they come from when they arrive.

Those directions and the time taken between leaving and coming back are listed to the side of the map and give you a general direction in which to head and an idea of how far. Then it's a case of moving, placing the box again and factoring the new information into your next move. When you're in the right kind of area you search and, all being well, you find a hive to which you'll direct a woodcutter and split the proceeds.

Curious about how accurate this might be I was reading about bee-lining and how to find wild bee hives and it seems pretty similar to the stuff in Bee Hunting Simulator except IRL the article recommends you wear a colourful hat so bees can use you as a landmark when you're moving about and also there's no paint marking of the bees.

It's a free game and one you can play in a browser if you prefer. I rather like the simplicity of it. A bee version of warmer/colder. Buzz buzz!

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