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Behold, RPS Manchester Social Club This Sunday

If you are in Manchester or thereabouts on the 23rd of December, you may be interested to hear of a gathering in the city's awkwardly hip Northern Quarter. I shall be there, as shall Handsome Dan Griliopoulos and Lewie P, who is travelling home for Christmas from the small village of Bargains, Kent. We shall meet at Terrace, a new bar that sells drinks of all varieties - hot, cold, hard and soft - and has plenty of space. I'll be in the rear, away from the bar, from around 3PM but show up whenever you can. Approach tables muttering about PC games until somebody responds and then you will know you have found sanctuary.

If there are loads of us later in the evening, we may move on should Terrace be extremely busy but we'll be there 'til at least 8, so as not to lose any late arrivals. There are plenty of other places nearby, although none quite so large and accommodating.

Terrace doesn't have a massive sign out front but the main entrance is on Thomas Street, in between Teacup and The Bay Horse. If you're travelling into Manchester or simply don't know the area very well, feel free to email me for helpful directions.

Hope to see lots of people there and hopefully this will become a regular event in the new year.

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