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Behold The Clockface: Timespinner

Time travelling Kickstarter

Timespinner's graphics, time-hopping storyline and general ambience remind me of Chrono Trigger, which is one of the few JRPGs I've ever found the patience to complete. Lunar Ray Games' project is no JRPG though. Currently on Kickstarter (I have a macro for that phrase), it's a "2D Metroidvania Platformer for PC, Mac OS X, and Linux", which provides me with the perfect opportunity to introduce the irritating term ChronoVania. The 'V' must be capitalised.

It's a delightful looking game, using the time travel device to introduce a variety of environments filled with robotic enemies that pursue lead character Lunais through history. The team, led by Bodie Lee (formerly of Bungie), are seeking $50,000 and have already raised over $10,000 after a day of crowdfunding.

The time freezing power is such a simple thing but opens up the possibility of rooms and bosses that would be impossible without it. There's something about a screen packed with enemies or giant machines of death, all drills and thrusting blades, that fills me with glee. I'm not particularly good at dodging things though - I spent all the points that I should have saved for reflexes on Handsomeness and Pondering - so I'm grateful for any ability that allows me to act like I'm better than I actually am. The powerup equivalent of an unassailable high horse.

The project page has lots of lovely animated gifs to go with the video above and doesn't skimp on words either. There's backstory aplenty - Bodie has been cooking up the history of this fictional galaxy for 18 years with a childhood friend - but the best word is 'clobber'. I don't know what made him use that particular verb to describe the combat but I'm extremely glad that he did.

There's a $10 early bird pledge level, although most of the worms have been scoffed already. Next tier is $15, which gets you the game, a backer-exclusive familiar, PDF instructions and your name in the credits. Those are going to be some long credits.

Timespinner isn't due until November 2015.

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