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Behold: The RPS New-o-Forum

You may already have visited the new forum we built when we redesigned the site. The tech and structure was about eight-four million percent better than the amorphous horror we were using previously, but it was ultra-bare and perhaps a little uninviting, like an evil refrigerator. Well, now we've redesigned the redesigned forum. Shiny! Loving!

It's still fast and spacious, but we've now got avatars, signatures, private messaging, quoting and postcounts. We have hired the services of a warlock to ensure the size of your genitals is mystically but directly proportional to the latter. Mostly though - less plain text, more character.

So, please use it. We'd love for it to become one of the main PC gaming chatter-places on the internet. Link to news we've not written about, enthuse about electric videogames old and new, arrange games with or against fellow RPS readers... Oh, and if you want to talk about Blood Bowl, there's currently about three thousand seperate ongoing discussions in there already.

Also, the old FAQ is reinstated, there's a suggestions thread and a dedicated sub-forum for arranging multiplayer games.

Oh, and please stick any tech complaints/queries (including those about our current ads) in the RPS-talk sub-forum rather than lost admidst comments on this or any other post, as it's much easier to keep tabs on 'em that way. METICULOUS ORDER FTW.

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