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Bellular Hexatosis: Porp & Neotenomie's Strange Sights

Porpentine in three full dimensions

Offer me the chance to step inside one of Porpentine's worlds and I'd laugh, cry, shed my skin, then run screaming into the woods. I can't say I'm not curious about her alien landscapes, cruel societies, lost people, and strange loves, though. Good news! New technological advancements mean you can now virtually peek inside 3D recreations and experience emotions in a controlled environment before safely retreating.

Porpentine and Neotenomie's latest, Bellular Hexatosis [official site], flows like one of Porp's Twine games but in a shiny 3D world. If you want to help your poorly sister, a spiralling column of liquid, you can leap in now.

Cover image for YouTube video

Seeking to cure your sister's Bellular Hexatosis, you'll travel to worlds of sea, sky, and guts. It's strange to actually be inside them, seeing quite how happy and colourful a skyland of eyes is. I don't know what I would've imagined in text. I dig Neotenomie's art and music, the playful yet barren world, the towering sister. It's short, so I won't say much. Download it and see?

Bellular Hexatosis is pay-what-you-want for Windows and Mac from Itch. Neotenomie and Porpentine recently made motivate 'em up This World Is Not My Home together too, another 3D project, and Neotenomie has made music for some of Porp's games. They do good things together. Neotenomie's also soundmaking for the currently-Kickstarting Crypt Underworld.

[Disclosure: Porpentine formerly wrote RPS's Live Free Play Hard column.]

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