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150 New Games Added To Our Steam Curator Page

They belong in our museum

Don't know what to play next? Well, the answer's Peggle. If you've already played that and are now staring at the infinite and overwhelming shelves of Steam, begging for the gods to grant you inspiration, it's OK, we can help. After a bit of a quiet patch, we've just done a major update to our Steam Curator page, adding something like 150 new recommendations - including the games we liked bestest from the past few months, and everything with a Steam release from our ongoing Best [Insert Genre Here] Ever Made series.

There are 232 recommendations in total now, covering games both old and new, and that's a figure which will keep on rising. You can be damned sure that everything recommended is a game that at least one person on the RPS staff genuinely feels warm and fuzzy about.

Currently, FPSes, strategy games, puzzle games, simulations and adventure games are particularly well-represented, but we've got a best RPGs feature on its way soon, with more to follow.

Yeah, we have mixed feelings about the whole Curator system and its effects on where and how games appear on Steam, but the very least we can do is use our 142 years of knowledge to help increase the chances of properly good stuff appearing. So please do give us a follow. There'll be even more games going up soon: this is very much an ongoing curation, not a completed one.

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