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Biographical adventure game Welcome To Elk releases a free demo

'Tis a silly place

Welcome To Elk is an upcoming adventure game that's stranger than fiction. The developers at Triple Topping previously made the weird but sweet Spitkiss and are back to tell some weird, true stories. They've made the first bits of Elk freely available along with a new gameplay trailer that shows off the goofy adventures on the island of Elk.

You'll follow Frigg the young carpenter as she meets the folks of Elk after moving away from the city. "On Elk, Frigg and you will meet the weird and wonderful characters – people whom the world has either ignored or forgotten," Triple Topping say. "Follow their ups and downs, their odd drinking rituals and their unique ways of tackling whatever life throws at them...Life may seem hard sometimes, but it is always followed by laughter."

Welcome To Elk looks to be full of minigames and delightfully strange dialogue. In the new gameplay video above, Frigg helps out the locals with everything from pouring a glass of beer with the right amount of foam, to building Rube Goldberg machines, to pasting newspaper faces on balloons. You know, standard adventure game stuff, right?

Every story in Welcome To Elk, even the strangest, is either a first or secondhand account. "We value the importance of storytellers, those who carry the tales of others and share them," Triple Topping say. The video above includes one such storyteller recounting the tale of a a man named George and how he died.

It's definitely not all doodles and bright colors, despite appearances. Both the original trailer and the new gameplay video make it appear that George was shot in front of his family. The screen goes dark for the gunshot though, so who knows? Perhaps there's a twist in this tale.

You can take a spin with Frigg and her new friends in Welcome To Elk: The First Stories which Triple Topping have released for free on Steam.

The full game Welcome To Elk is planned to release sometime this year. You can find and wishlist it on Steam until then.

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