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Biological Warfare: P-3 Biotic Is A Twin Stick Fun Time

Whenever I see the phrase "twin-stick shooter" I can be sure of two things. One - I want to play it. Two - I will suck so badly at it that if anyone I knew saw me playing I'd throw the controller in their face and then just run and run until I was in a different country where I'd hide in a hole with a bin lid on top. That's why I work alone. In my underpants. And so it was that seeing BatCat Games' P-3 Biotic has come from consoles to PC, via IndieCity and IndieVania for $4/£2.50, I once again demonstrated my own trouserless uselessness to myself and no one else.

It's a game about defending a nucleus of a cell, from all sorts of invading, er, bacteria? Aliens? Light beings from the future? It's not important - what's important is that you shoot at it, without running into it, and without letting too much of it reach your nucleus friend. See:

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And it's exactly as you'd hope it would be. Slick, fast, and very pretty. While it's primarily designed for the 360 pad, there's mouse/keyboard support in there too, and as the game says, "That's the way dad did it, and it's good enough for me too dammit."

Also, this game clearly proves my so-called research biologist wife wrong when she claims cells don't have twin-stick based combat taking place inside them. So THERE, darling.

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