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Post-Rapture: BioShock Infinite Breaks Cover

The 2K way of late appears to be announcing impossibly ambitious and exciting-sounding games then going deathly silent for months (with the notable exception of Duke Nukem Forever, which has been very, very noisy since its comeback announcement). So it's grand to see BioShock: Infinite start its promotional gears turning again, ahead of what will hopefully be a grand old infosplosion at E3. Following a revamp of the game's website, we've got four new screenshots to stare at and make desperate, fannish guesses about. Hope you don't like horses, because I'm about to show you a picture of a dead one.

Not much information to go on about these, bar that they show off the city of Columbia's 'Vox Populi' faction. Not sure if that's Stripey McFace above, or Burny McBeard below, or both?

This one seems to be from the previously-seen footage, and concerns the rather nasty Murder of Crows power we've heard about already:

And here's the dead horse. Are you ready for the dead horse? You'd better be, because here it comes. Right.... now:

The lady is major NPC Elizabeth, and to my entirely guessing eye appears to have been redesigned a little from her earlier pinch-faced incarnation.

So that's that! What does it tell us? It tells us that there will be horses (dead), women (alive), men (also alive), crows (also alive) and posters (probably not alive, but I guess they could be). More, please.

Here's the in-game footage trailer from last year, in case you recently ate some funny-looking mushrooms and forgot all about BioShock: Infinite:

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