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BioShock Original And Remastered Graphics Comparison

Sweet Ken Levine

So I can't play the original BioShock because I can't deal with injections at all. I played Binfinite, though, and that was better, although I think some of the DLC is perhaps not my cup of tea in terms of icky moments. That's why I'm now watching the BioShock: The Collection Remastered [official site] trailer through my fingers, ready to cover my eyes at any moment should a needle make a sudden appearance:

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Okay, I've made it! No needles, but a bunch of gore if that bothers you? Although I've sort of given up trying to guess what bothers people ever since I posted a picture of a delightful crab in chat and John freaked out.

Anyway! If you were unsure about what this collection actually is, it's basically a multi-game package where you get BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite and their single-player DLC. They're also fancying up/remastering the first two for PC. Binfinite is getting prettied up for console but the PC version is already at that level when you put it on high settings so they're leaving it be.

The trailer with the visual comparisons shows high-res textures, water effects, environmental detailing, improved squid tentacles, additional jellyfish, LOTS OF SEAWEED - that sort of thing. So I guess it's like Ayn Rand meets Blue Planet. Ayn Rand Goes To Sea World?

It'll be out on 16 September if you're interested. I'll be on holiday at that point, not watching people get stabbed with needles (unless something goes horribly wrong). If you already own the games you'll actually get these updated versions free of charge. As per our original news story on the package, 2K say, “if you already own BioShock, BioShock 2, and/or Minerva’s Den on Steam, you will be able to upgrade to the remastered version of the respective title(s) for free after release."

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