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BioWare released a load of cool Mass Effect freebies ahead of the Legendary Edition launch

Including music, comics and a create-your-own cover art tool

We're but a mere eight days away from the release of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. In writing that, it's just dawned on me how close I am to seeing my hi-res alien pals and bombing around in the improved Mako. To tide fans over until the remaster's launch, BioWare have released a free content package containing loads of Mass Effect's iconic music, as well as digital art books and comics. They've also created an online tool that lets you select your favourite squadmates to make some personalised cover art.

Head over to EA's website to grab the "Mass Effect Bonus Content Download". It contains all the extra stuff that originally came with the Deluxe Editions of Mass Effect 2 and 3, as well as a pretty lithograph of the Normandy and 88 songs from the trilogy's wonderful OST. I've been listening to them this morning and I'm feeling lots of emotions. BioWare also popped all those tracks on YouTube with a nice little animation of Liara working away on the Normandy. Lofi beats to study Protheans to.

Cover image for YouTube videoMass Effect Trilogy – Original Soundtrack

Now you have some excellent backing music to listen to while you look through the two digital art books in that content package. They contain concept art for Mass Effect 2 and 3, and though I've probably seen a lot of it before, I still get a kick out of seeing how character designs evolve through a game's development.

Next up, there are two digital comics to read through too. Mass Effect: Redemption issue 1 is set just after Shepard disappears at the start of Mass Effect 2, and explains what Liara was up to before Shep was found. Mass Effect: Invasion issue 1 is all about Omega's Queen and CEO, Aria T'Loak, dealing with Cerberus trying to invade her space station.

None of my fave companions are humans because humans are boring.

Possibly the best part of all of this isn't even in that content package, however (though that package is brilliant). The devs have also made a Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Custom Art Creator, which lets you build your own Mass Effect key art using all your fave characters. You can see mine above, featuring my best buds Tali and Garrus right at the top. It gets you to select which characters you like most, as well as a location and whether you want it Paragon or Renegade coloured (or both). Here are a few more examples of the sort of thing you can make.

A full Renegade version with Jack at the top. I'm a big fan of her look in this one.
A full Paragon version with the original ME1 squad on Eden Prime (plus a few extras, there's a minimum number of characters you have to pick).

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will grace our screens on May 14th. In the meantime, it's worth checking out all the changes they've made to the trilogy, such as bringing the first game more in line with the sequels and upgrading lighting and textures.

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