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Bittos: Bit Confusing

Oh dear, I'm not the smartest of all the men, and I'm often easily confused, but... ooh, a bee. Also, I'm really struggling to get my brain around Bittos. It's a new puzzle game that's due for the Wii, but out already for the PC, and there's a demo of it available. I've watched the "how to play" tutorial twice now, the second time shouting at the screen, and I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

Playing it didn't give me a lot more clarity. It's something about making blocks of four or more by placing Tetris pieces, and then they explode, but I'm not sure why. And you mustn't leave blocks on their own, but it's hard to know why they're being left on their own. And you can't really make out the white ghosts of the blocks you're placing against the frosty blue shapes and constant explosive animations. And you get confused again.

Of course I'm missing the point. But at this stage I'm not too keen on finding it. The presentation seems clunky, and it's always weird when something uses Tetris's blocks without being Tetris. It's cheating. But as I randomly clicked blocks into the game's second level, not knowing why I was clicking them, why they were disappearing, nor indeed what any of the messages on screen about "chains" meant, it announced to me that my attempt was "PERFECT!"

So yes. It might be brilliant! I certainly am. Here is an extremely strange trailer for it that in no way tells you anything about the game:

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