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Black Friday deal spotlight: Free parking for your butt on this Razer Iskur gaming chair

We couldn't just sit on this deal, but you might want to

As those of you who have been hiding behind my sofa, or just read our “What are we all buying this Black Friday?” article, are aware, the top item on my Black Friday shopping list was a new chair. I did manage to procure a solid bottom-rest at a good discount and I’m very happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, it still cost a good chunk of change, leaving me with much less to spend on my recently rediscovered Warhammer habit.

Luckily for anyone still looking for somewhere to park their behind while gaming, you can get your hands (cheeks?) on a Razer Iskur gaming chair worth £500 for free. You do have to buy a laptop first though.

The folks over at Ebuyer are offering the aforementioned Razer Iskur as a freebie with a range of Razer Blade laptops. They aren’t cheap by any means, falling into the £2200-3000 bracket, but they’re all equipped with, among other beefy components, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3000 series GPUs. With the current GPU shortage and the free chair offer, they become a pretty tempting proposition.

Katharine reported on the Iskur after three months of testing and liked it enough to keep on using it. Want to game while seated on the chosen throne of the Queen of RPS herself? Well now’s your chance! While Katharine did feel like she might be a little too small to get the full benefits of the chair, she did find it considerably more comfortable than her Ikea chair and was a big fan of the fancy 4D armrests. Basically, this means they’re highly adjustable and not, as I had first assumed, capable of moving backwards and forwards in time.

So, buy yourself a new top shelf gaming laptop and get a free gaming chair. For gaming. Brilliant!

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