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BlackStar, Rounded Devblog

Spaceheads with a hunger for virtual escapism are going to be well-catered for in the coming years, thanks to a surfeit of online space games appearing like nebulous radar blips on the uncertain horizon of MMO game design. One such title is Blackstar, in which you'll delight in both real-time flight 'n' shoot, as well as being able to climb out of your rocketship and poke around on foot. Early concept art and feature lists promise handsome, if eminently unexceptional, things for the title.

The Spacetime Studios developer blog is rather more well-rounded with information and reportage on the design process, with documents such as this diagram-heavy look at elements of PvP gameplay design, and this concept-art evolution brain-download.

Nevertheless it'll probably get smacked into non-existence by World Of Starcraft, won't it? Maybe.

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