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Naval-gazing Indie FPS: Blackwake On Kickstarter

Kickst-yarr-ter. Kickstart-yarr.

Another puzzle-platformer about the unbearable sadness of existence, one dripping with unintentional bathos? No! Naval-gazing, featuring multiplayer, first-person ship-to-ship combat in which the only thing dripping is the deck of your vessel. Blackwake looks like a riot, though to bring its splintering wood, shattering masts and chivalrous melee to life will require your help via Kickstarter. Find trailers and more below.

That's what the game looks like when it's cut together into a trailer with dramatic music. Actually playing it at this stage looks a lot more like this, though. Which is still... pretty fun looking? There's little in the way of polish, but the basics of cannon-fire and sailing and sinking are all present, alongside pinwheeling ragdolls whenever your comrades get struck.

Unfortunately, that build's not yet available for landlubbers like you to play. Instead the Kickstarter page hopes for future featuers, including "Realistic & Fictional modes". The latter includes the ability to player co-operatively with friends to battle enormous sea monsters, as seen at the end of the above embedded trailer.

If you're intrigued enough to pledge fealty to the sea, $17 AUD (about £9.27) will get you 'early bird' access to to the game upon release (with a projected delivery date of June 2016), while $33 AUD (about £18) gets you an alpha build sometime in 2015.

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