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Demo Of The Dead: The Blackwell Epiphany 

Ends well.

Follow me, readers. We shall wander through a metaphorical world of cardboard and shelves, passing things that once were but now are not. Here is one. It is labelled Human Sacrifice. Let us ponder the significance of the metaphor within this metaphor. Look, there's one that says Leech Therapy. And over there is another that is labelled Whigfield. There is no box labelled War. Do you see? We are getting closer, closing in on the recent past--be careful to not slip on the Pogs--and the box of game demos should be just about... wait. That can't be. It was here the other day. No! NO! That means we can't stop game demos from being released. They said this day would come! NoooOooooOOOoo...

Wait. That's a good thing. Everyone release demos! What's that, Wadjet Eye Games? You've released a demo of The Blackwell Epihpany? Hooray!

This will be the second to last taste of Blackwell ever released, the final release being the full episode of the elegant adventure series. It's up to you if you want to sadly click on the demo, or wait until April 24 to imbibe it all in one glorious inhale.

Interesting point: The Blackwell developers have taken the opportunity to give their series an ending. This isn't a cancellation, but a studio in the position of being able to complete the story they wanted to tell. I can't remember the last time that happened.

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