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Blade Runner's superior ScummVM version is available directly via GOG again

After being removed then bundled with Enhanced Edition

You can once again buy the fan-created ScummVM release of 1997's Blade Runner adventure game via GOG. The fan version was removed from the store a little over a week ago when Nightdive Studios released their own Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, then swiftly bundled together with that remaster when people complained.

Head to the Blade Runner page on GOG and it will default to the fanmade version. You can click a dropdown marked "Edition" in order to switch your purchase over to Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, should you wish.

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Both versions cost the same and the Enhanced Edition still comes bundled together with the fan version. That means that you're effectively making a choice over who you want to give your money to: Nightdive Studios for the Enhanced Edition, or the Blade Runner game's rights holders for the fan version. Because, no, there's no version of this where the fans get any money for the years of work they put in reverse engineering Westwood's original game to run on modern computers.

All of this is has become an issue because the Nightdive Studios version is inferior to the fanmade Blade Runner release in several ways. Its attempts to increase the resolution of pre-rendered scenes, and to use machine learning to turn 15fps video into 60fps video, result in a game that loses the atmosphere the original captured so well, and sometimes just looks outright ugly. There are also glitches, as Alice0 lamented when she played it for us at launch.

The Enhanced Edition does have controller support that the fan release lacks, and it's also playable on console. On PC, however, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has a rating of 1.6/5 from GOG user reviews. The fan release, which was first added to GOG in 2019, has a 4.7/5.

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