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BlazBlue Centralfiction punches onto PC

End of a saga

Here on PC we've always been a few years behind on BlazBlue, but we're finally up to date on the core of Arc System Works' visual novel-tinged fighting game as BlazBlue Centralfiction [official site] has arrived on Windows. Expect more drama and a whole lot more fisticuffs. Along with wrapping up the story from the previous three games, Centralfiction introduces new characters and new fighting systems. BlazBlue is one of the fighting games where so much happens I don't even understand what I'm seeing but, as what I see includes a whole load of magic circles and apocalyptic powers, I'm okay with it. Have a look in this trailer:

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Sure, please do all that?

BlazBlue Centralfiction is out on Steam for £26.99/33,29€/$35.99, which includes a 10% launch discount. Folks who own any other BlazBlue game on Steam get another 10% off.

Casting a quick eye over initial player reviews, it looks like some are unhappy with the quality of the port, with complaints including a lack of an English dub and poor options for keyboard rebinding. But, by large, it is still BlazBlue and that's a good thing to be.

No idea what's happening either but yes, please do:

Watch on YouTube

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